Unique Mission trips in

Wild Spring Adventures offers customers unique and memorable mission and ministry trips all over Kenya. If you have the passion and drive to make a difference in society, we have something just for you.

All our packages are inclusive of a visit to a Kenyan safari destination where you get to see different wild animals in their natural habitats.

Tailored to supporting
Local Communities

Working alongside a local pastor, you will use your time, expertise and knowledge to provide different forms of assistance to underserved local communities while fostering relationships with those you meet. Projects you may be involved in include: children’s ministry, physical projects, community local outreach and pastoral institute and training.

Packages on offer are subject to change based on the needs of the community that have been identified by the local pastor.

Mission Trips

College Mission Trips

Whether you’re taking a gap year or trying to make a meaningful impact in someone’s life, we have something for you. Working with the local community in Kenya will enable you to use your knowledge and skills, learn a new culture, make new friends and broaden your mindset preparing you for your future career life.

Youth Group Missions

Get more out of your mission trip by joining a group built on genuine partnerships, long-term relationships and sustainable ministry.

Adult Mission Trips

Regardless of your age, race, interests or skills, Wild Springs Adventures has something just for you. Join a group of like-minded individuals in making a difference in someone’s life.


Our ministry packages offer a unique opportunity to witness the faithfulness of Christ that is manifested when followers from diverse backgrounds work together. At Wild Springs Adventures, there is room for everyone to serve.

Children’s Ministry

You will use your creativity to lead kid’s clubs, teach Bible School and organise sports and games, all with the aim of ministering to children of all ages.

Church Ministry

You will have the chance to worship alongside a local church and participate through music, sermons, or Sunday school teaching.


Assist the local church in outreach through activities such as handing out bibles to the locals, practicing street evangelism, door-to-door visits and gospel movie nights

Service Projects

Spread the love of Christ by engaging in physical projects such as painting, roofing, cement work or any other need your local partner identifies in the community.

Sports Ministry

Make use of the different team sports such as football, volleyball or rugby to build a platform of friendship and share the gospel with each other

Mercy Ministry

Follow the example of Christ and seek those who may have been forgotten in society. Pay a visit to our brothers and sisters in orphanages, hospitals, prisons or senior centres.