Decathlon NH150, Hiking Shoes, Women's Size EU 40, UK 6.5, US 9

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Kes6999 Kes4499 Size(s) UK 8 | EUR 42| US 8.5

Decathlon NH150, Hiking Shoes, Women's Size EU 40, UK 6.5, US 9 Read more

Our best-value model of waterproof low-top hiking boots! They withstand 2 hours of hiking in light rain. The rubber sole offers increased resistance and grip.
  • Cushioning: Waterproof and breathable membrane | Tested for a 2-hour hike under the rain
  • Grip: The sole composition and design optimize grip and traction | 4 mm studs
  • Waterproof: Open-cell rubber sole for off-road trails
  • Comfortable fit: Removable insoles, for putting in your orthopedic insoles
  • Shock protection: Breathable 5 mm insole | Comfortable foam on the ankle support
  • The sole's design is the result of extensive research carried out in our labs. We favored a specific rubber formula that optimizes grip and resistance. Since requirements differ, we systematically seek the best compromise for hiking on off-road trails with the loose ground, such as forest trails.
  • Our hiking boots are designed for use on off-road trails. Indeed, we choose the components of the sole and upper of our boots and test them to ensure that they are ideally suited to hiking on loose trails (e.g. unpaved forest paths) or rocky trails (e.g. rocky coastal paths). Road use (asphalt) may lead to premature wear on your boots and cause discomfort. They are not suitable for mountain hiking.
  • Footwear equipped with a membrane is a laboratory and field-tested to ensure optimal waterproofing and breathability. To start, they are immersed in water with pressurized air inside to check that no bubbles form on the surface of the boot. Next, they are fitted to a mechanical arm that simulates walking half-immersed in water to test that the inside remains perfectly dry.
  • When tested for waterproofness, we test 3 levels of waterproofing: - 2,000 flexes, approximately 2 hours of hiking - 4,000 flexes, approximately 4 hours of hiking - 8,000 flexes, and approximately 8 hours of hiking The Women's boots NH150 Mid WP were tested for 2,000 flexes in a laboratory. This means they will stay waterproof for a 2-hour hike. Obviously, once they have dried out, they regain all of their original waterproofing properties.
  • We advise that 
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