Seven Ponds, Aberdares

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Seven Ponds, Aberdares

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Seven Ponds, Aberdares

About Seven Ponds Aberdares

Seven Ponds Aberdares is a hiking trail in Aberdare national park. Aberdare National is part of the Aberdare range. The Seven Ponds name comes from the seven permanent ponds that spread at its summit. There are about Twenty-three (23) water Ponds at the peak. Sixteen Ponds (16), mostly seen during the rainy season. The Seven Ponds trail is one of Kenya’s seven best moorland hiking trails. It lies at an altitude of 3840 meters above sea level. Hence, the Fourth highest peak in Aberdare Range. Seven ponds trail strategically straddles between two famous mountain trails in the Aberdare range. The Table mountain Aberdares and Rurimueria/ Rurimeria hiking trails.


Seven Ponds Hiking Trail

Seven ponds hiking trail stretches for fourteen Kilometres (14Km). The starting and finishing point has been the Mikeu Primary school in the past. In addition, Seven ponds’ new starting point is at Kenya wildlife electric fence. About 400 meters from the Kwa Matu shopping center. The fence separates the Conservation area from the neighboring village, the Kwa Matu shopping center. Table Mountain Aberdares and Seven ponds are now sharing the starting point. Table mountain Aberdares stretches to the left. While, the Seven Ponds continues straight up.

The Seven Ponds trail is one of the best attempts for high elevation mountains. Allows a hiker to test and affirm their agility and acclimatization connection. The Seven Ponds trail is a challenging hike. Mainly because of its high elevation. The best thing about this trail its terrain is not steep as its sister trails. The table mountain Aberdares and Rurimueria/ Rurimeria trails. As you approach the summit, it becomes flat. Hence, there’s not as much difficulty getting to its beautiful flat peak. The ponds at the trail pinnacle spread across magical views. Stunning views of the open Moorland and the mountainsides. 


Attractions in Seven Ponds Aberdares 

Rivers flowing from Seven Ponds Aberdares

The seven ponds in Aberdares feed several rivers. Chania flows through Murang’a to the Indian Ocean. River Gitei and Wanjohi join to form River Malewa. Malewa river flows to Lake Naivasha and Lake Olbolosat. In addition, Lake Olbolosat is the only lake in central Kenya.

The heath and moorland vegetation

The moors and heath are a great place to take pictures of flowers. There are mountains, hills, and fields with pretty flowers. It’s perfect for photography outdoors.

The magical seven ponds

The Seven Ponds Aberdares trail summit is so unique. What’s more inviting than a picturesque ponds view?. It will make you take your camera. And, start shooting. In Addition you can also enjoy picnic lunch here.

Contacts for Seven Ponds Trek

Call or text us on +254 729 257 317 0r +254 734 417 496

Email: [email protected]

Pricing for Seven Ponds

Group Joining Hiking Package

Cost Per person on Group Transport
Kenya Citizens: Kshs 2950
Kenya Residents: Kshs 3499
Non-Residents: USD 50

Self Drive Option Hiking Package

Kenya Citizens: Kshs 2200
Kenya Residents: Kshs 2800
Non-Residents: USD 40

What to Carry for Seven Ponds Aberdares Trek

At some point the weather can be unpredictable so it’s advisable to carry all the essentials for Hiking.
They include:
Comfortable hiking shoes with an excellent Grip
Hiking Cargo pants or Fleece
Hiking Synthetic or Polyester Top/T-shirt
Binoculars if you are keen on Birdlife
Drinking water (Not less than 2 Liters)
Sunscreen lotion
Heavy snack or packed Lunch
Energy Bars for a quick bite
Down Jacket and a Poncho
Accessories: Sunglasses, Sunhat, Gloves
Equipment: Trekking Pole, Hiking Backpack, Camelback to carry water
Change of clothes after the Hike: extra T-shirt, Pants, sports shoes


Where You Will Visit

This safari explores the following regions in Kenya

  • Aberdares

Tour package includes:

  • Transport to and from
  • Photography
  • Water
  • Park Fee
  • Guide Fee

Tour package excludes:

  • Lunch
  • Anything not mentioned on the inclusions

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