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Experience The Thrilling Tsavo East & West National Park Safari

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Experience The Thrilling Tsavo East & West National Park Safari

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Experience The Thrilling Tsavo East & West National Park Safari

The Unparalleled Beauty of Tsavo East & West National Park

Experience an unforgettable adventure with our tailor-made Tsavo East & West National Park Safari, designed for wildlife enthusiasts who crave a break from their beach vacation. Our immersive 3-day journey takes you to two of Kenya's finest national parks, where you'll witness marauding lions, herding elephants, and a vast array of diverse species in their natural habitat - all from the comfort and safety of our customized Safari Jeep.
Tsavo East National Park, the largest park in Kenya, is known for its sparse vegetation, making game spotting more accessible. Observe the unique Tsavo lions, whose males lack the familiar signature manes, and witness the entertaining spectacle of elephants rolling in the park's red-dust soil, showcasing their vibrant coats en route to one of the famous watering holes.

The Diverse Landscapes of Tsavo West National Park

Though nearby, Tsavo West National Park offers a contrasting experience, featuring scenic hills, rich deep colors, and lush springs. Marvel at the stunning baobab trees as you track the iconic "Big Five" throughout their natural habitat.

Embark on Your Tsavo East & West National Park Safari Today! Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the Tsavo East & West National Park Safari, an experience that will remain etched in your memory forever. Book with us now and embark on a thrilling adventure through Kenya's awe-inspiring landscapes.


- Pick up and return to Mombasa, Kilifi, Bamburi & North Coast beach areas
- State-of-the-art customized Safari Jeep
- Expert multi-lingual safari guide

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This safari explores the following regions in Kenya

  • Tsavo East
  • Tsavo West

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