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Njigari Forest is in Othaya, Nyeri near Munyange Two Village. Njigari forest is part of southern Aberdares Block which also includes, Kihuri forest, Gatangu forest, and Gura Forest which Forms Zuti Forest, which is known among the locals as a Thuti Forest. The name was coined by the white man since he couldn't pronounce the name Thuti. Njigari Forest boats a beautiful trail with a forest rain cover as well as a Bamboo section, two major Waterfalls, and River Thuti which flow down to Athi and Tana that drains to the Indian Ocean. The Waterfalls acted as a post office for Mau Mau Mau freedom fighters because of their exclusive location.

The Trail is 18 Kilometres from the starting point. The trail ends at Zuti forest, Plant Nursery.

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