Table Mountain Aberdare Kenya

Table Mountain Aberdare Kenya is one of the best hiking trails to train for high elevation treks. The Trail starts about 250 Metres from a small shopping center known as Kwa Matu in the Kipipiri area. The trail is strategically on the southwest end of the Aberdare ranges. It neighbors most popular trails such as the 7 ponds and The Rurimeria. From the summit, it’s possible to transverse to the peaks of the 7 ponds, Rurimeria and Mount Satima on the north. Traversing to these summits would take several Hours and also needs strong hiking Stamina.

Stands at an elevation of 3781m, although the recording for the board summit board below reads otherwise. It is the fifth highest mountain in Aberdare National Park and the 8th highest mountain in Kenya

When attempting this trail, basic hiking skill is recommended. The trail is steep and rating it out of 5. The difficulty level is – 5 out of 5; it's the most challenging trek in the Aberdare national park. It however a great trail to train for high elevation mountains; Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, or even Ruwenzori.
The trail is about 8.5 kilometers. This is from the starting point to the summit, and back to the starting point.  The whole hike takes approximately 4-6 Hours Depending on your level of fitness. It’s a single file track thus easy to turn around if you can’t go beyond a certain point. It’s steep and when descending particularly during the rainy season it gets slippery, hence dangerous. In the moorland area, there is a small portion that is usually very boggy. Hiking on this trail at all times, a proper hiking boot is highly advised. A boot should at least have high ankle support and good grip. This trail is not ideal for Beginners to Hiking, Children, and elderly people.

 The best time to visit Table Mountain Aberdare, Kenya is from Jan to December. However, between April- June, and October-December there are heavy rains. The coldest months are June, July, and August are . The perfect time of day to go up is in the early morning before it gets cold. Usually, the whole entire Aberdare region experiences convectional rain showers in the afternoon. When visiting any of the Aberdare Trails, Plan for rain. You rather carry and not use than being sorry when being showered.

It recommended taking the Hike with a guide. You can still opt to take a hike without a guide but by the nature of the Aberdare region, it is easy to get lost. People have been lost before and having someone who understands the trail and the dynamics of the weather is very important. There are ribbons that mark the Trail, yet with time they fade away because of sun and rain; hence this option may not be very reliable.