Aberdares National Park is home to the best hiking trails in Kenya. Aberdare trails are good preparation hikes, particularly if one plans to climb Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, or Ruwenzori peaks. High altitude adds them to the list of the most challenging trails in Kenya. However, natural beauty and the splendor of distinct vegetations, indigenous trees, forest covers, Waterfalls, and rocks formation make Aberdare one of Kenya's most beautiful places.

Waterfalls are all over the Aberdares and its ranges. As they roar with might, thrashing over the rocks. You will end up be-waterfalling-in-love with the scenery. The Moorland and the alpine form a great source of major rivers that flow from Aberdares. Athi and Tana rivers drain into the Indian Ocean, Ewaso Nyiro flexes to the Lorian Swamp, and River Malewa flows into Lake Naivasha. The famed Dragons teeth is an excellent spot for Rock climbers and magical views for films.

The altitude is high and hence requires more climbing time. Time is of great essence; for this reason, traveling early morning hours is recommended when attempting any of the Aberdare trails. Hikers need to have tried other short and more accessible trekking tracks before engaging Aberdare trails to build endurance and acclimatization connections. The following are must-do trails of the Aberdare ranges.

  1. Mount Satima 4001 meters (13126.6ft)

Ol donyo Lesatima is the third-highest mountain in Kenya and the highest peak in the Aberdare ranges, with 4001 Meters above sea level. Mount Kenya takes the lead with 5199 Masl, followed by Mount Elgon 4,321M. Mount Satima gets it to name from a Maasai word, Ol Donyo Lesatima, translating to the mountain of the bull calf. Satima is an excellent spot for Hiking, Camping, and Rock Climbing at the famed Dragons Teeth valley area. It has three significant entrances, which are Shamata Gate, Mutubio Gate, and Wandare Gate. Wandare gate I the mot accessible as for now.

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/fE32iGQoKQLsjYpX8

  1. Mount Kinangop, Aberdares 3,907 metres (12,815.5 ft)

It's the second-highest mountain in the Aberdare ranges. Also the fourth highest mountain in Kenya. Also known as Ilkinangop, located in the southern Aberdare parent Range, about 160 km north of Nairobi, Kenya.

Proper gears, great endurance, strict timekeeping, and management behavior are paramount when attempting this mountain.

3. Rurimeria 3,860m with an altitude of 12664 ft

4. Seven Ponds, Aberdares Kenya 3,840 m 12598.4, 14 kilometers

The trail stretches for 14 Kilometers with an elevation of 3840 Metres. Mikeu Secondary school is the start and finishing point if you are not doing a Transverse. Seven ponds strategically Straddle between the Table Mountain and Rurimeria hill trails. This trail is one of the best attempts, particularly if you plan to try high elevation mountains like Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro. Seven Ponds' attempt allows a hiker to affirm agility and acclimatization connection while trekking on the high altitude of the majestic Moorland. As you approach the summit, it is flat, hence not as challenging to get to its meeting, where the ponds spread with stunning beauty. 

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/Ta3Wd3w3Zi8VQ6hZ6

5. Table Mountain Aberdares 3781metres 12405 ft, 8.46 Kilometres

6. Elephant Hills 3657.6 meters 12000Ft

7. Mount Kipipiri 3,349 m 10987.5 ft