About us

Wild Springs Adventures is a team of Tours & Travel Professionals with a great passion for Planning, exploring Kenya and East Africa. Our focus is on creating life-changing connections that cross cultures, generations, and continents. We do this by offering carefully curated tours that show you the best of what each country offers - from safaris in Kenya to cultural experiences in Tanzania or Rwanda.

We have spent years developing these relationships with our suppliers to offer authentic experiences at an affordable price. As true travel enthusiasts ourselves, it's essential for us to share all the beauty of the African continent with travelers just like us! Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation, we will help you find your perfect holiday!

Hiking & backpacking in Kenya Welcomes to Wild Springs Adventures, the premier source for hiking and backpacking tours in East Africa! We offer guided trips that deliver a unique opportunity to explore some of East Africa's most extraordinary wild places. Whether you're looking for a high adventure backpacking trip or a more culturally rich inn-based hike, beginner to hiking, we have something for everyone.

We operate in some of the most spectacular locations, including Mount Kenya and its slopes, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Elgon. We also offer trips to the Ruwenzori Mountains, Aberdare Range, and the Great Rift Valley trails. So if you're looking for an authentic mountain experience, look no further. We are the Home to Real Mountain Experience